Black is Beautiful!

October 07, 2015  •  1 Comment


Over the past few weeks, a rare gem has occurred, completely by chance.  All my clients brought in black pets for photos! It was decidedly a great opportunity to demonstrate how beautiful it can be to create "black on black" images for them.

The variety was magnificent too. We had Ollie come back with his new little adopted pal, Belletrix, for a kitty duo that was adorable.  Then I had the over the top handsome Vader, a 9 month old Great Dane that demonstrated both intensity and goofiness for his first photo session. Rare and wonderful Sage is a black German Shepherd, a strong protector and gentle giant. Sweet old Labs Murphy & Frasier tested the minimalistic studio lighting to the limit.  

Gleaming eyes, highlighted textures, and explored form serve to accentuate the power of these images.  I had such a great time creating these photos and surprising the families with what is possible in dramatic shades of black.  Two of the prints area already completed on Metal, a stunning medium for this style. Can't wait for more black animals to come my way!


Janet Squire(non-registered)
Those are magnificent Ariane! Love the kitty pals!
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