In the Studio: Murphy & Family

March 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

BlogBlog Cozy pictures of clients and their pups are a favorite of mine. This sweetie pie is 9 1/2 year old  "Murphy" with his family, Margie & Rob. He's a rescued Wheaton Airedale/Irish Wolf Hound mix.  

Sweet and a bit timid, he had a great session. We took extra care to make him as comfortable as possible. Sitting up on furniture was not his thing, so we set the family down on a rug, at his level. 

Margie and Rob were wearing beautiful orange and reds to compliment Murphy's gold fur and the charcoal set.  With shoes off and everyone snuggled closely on the floor, it was like being at home. This image of everyone "connecting" is a highlight for me.


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