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Bella's 4th Year of Xmas Portraits!

December 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

BlogBlog Little Papillon "Bella" has been coming to DelaFoto for Christmas photos for 4 years now!  It all started with my first photo special, at Parkside Animal Hospital.  Quickie sessions (just 10 minutes), the backdrop was green with white dots and the feather christmas tree was a nice accent for this tiny girl!

The 2nd year, we were back at the vet's office again for slightly longer sessions (15 mins) and Bella seemed to be more at ease with a gold blanket and red gift boxes.  

The 3rd year, I switched things up and had the session at my studio, with lots of space and more privacy. The theme was simple and white, Bella seemed pretty comfortable on the plush red pillow.

This year was Bella's 4th and I think she was more at ease than ever.  Back at the studio, we adorned her with green beads and she posed sweetly. Spunky and adorable, she's a senior but you'd never know it.  I can't believe four years have passed already.  Can't wait to see her and her family for more holiday seasons to come!


Bella's Mom(non-registered)
At ages 10, 11, 12, and now 13 Baby Bella is just as beautiful as ever. Thank you so much for capturing her inner spirit in your amazing photography. Wherever we need to go to for our annual photo shoot rest assured we will be there! Blessings for health and happiness in the year ahead.
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