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In the Studio: Daisy

December 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I don't often get the chance to photograph English Bulldogs, so when 8 year old "Daisy" was scheduled for her first ever photo session, I was excited to capture her unique style.  I heard that she loves belly rubs and to give kisses, playing tug-of-war with pillows and especially enjoys peanut butter.

Snuggly and playful, Daisy is a fun girl to pose for photos. We took it slow since she is a bit arthritic, and provided comfy beds and blankets to make her right at home. She was agreeable to whatever we suited her up in, and curious enough about toys and my crazy sounds to make some great bulldog faces!


By request from momma, I got out the big daisy flower and took this adorable portrait with Daisy, so perfect!

Luxurious metallic prints were created for an elegant presentation. A Standout Wall Art print of the "daisies" will now be a centerpiece in her mom's home.  A wonderful tribute to the friendship and loyalty between Daisy and her mom. 






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