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In the Studio: Gorgeous Goldens

December 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

BlogBlog Meet 5 year olds Rusty & Sammie, two gorgeous (red) Goldens, adopted from Golden Retrievers Rescue of the Rockies or GRRR.  Thanks to the great work of this rescue, these babies are in a loving home together and adored by their family. Sweet and gentle, they truly love each other and we were lucky enough to catch them in some cuddly moments in the studio.  

We started off with some lovely family portraits including mom & dad, and then moved to photos of these best buddies together. The studio dog bed, happens to be the exact same one they have at home.  What luck!  So they made themselves very comfortable and looked great.  

Finally, we captured each pup's personal style with some close-up individual portraits.  Both formal and fun (with tongues hanging, licking and more) the collection was an overwhelming array of warmth, sweetness and charm.




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