DelaFoto Portraits | In the Studio: Rocky

In the Studio: Rocky

December 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Once in a while I get to capture elegant portraits of a pet with their person. In this case, it was 15 year old Italian Greyhound "Rocky" and his lovely mom, Cindy.

An impressive senior, Rocky is still curious and spunky even though his sight and hearing aren't what they used to be.  He and his mom have been through a lot together, so the chance to capture elegant portraits of the two of them were meaningful. 

Arms crossed and safely nestled in his mom's arms you see an alert, loving and loyal boy in this photo.  Cindy's calm and caring gaze and warm, plush sweater present a sense of ease and comfort.  A beautiful pose, a compelling image.  It speaks of what DelaFoto is all about.

An inspiring duo, it was such a pleasure to create these portraits together.  A lovely Print Wrap and a variety of linen textured prints will commemorate this heart felt photo session.  



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