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Studio Fun with Triples!

January 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
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Yellow Labrador Retrievers, Bella, Gracie & Jack came to DelaFoto for their first ever studio session. Spanning an age range of nearly 12 years, Jack is the youngest at 8 months and his sisters are 7 & 12.

Their range in color tones, differences in personality and age made for a fun series of group shots.  Their mom and dad, helped get them into position, lining up 3 labs into nice sits is no small task.  We used a neutral, grey backdrop to set off their creamy/gold colors and a chocolate brown rug to prevent slipping & sliding for the older gals.

The first image shows their curiosity and concern, looking to mom & dad for treats. The second image, we start to settle in but happen to capture young Jack as he springs up and heads for the strange photographer lady, making those weird sounds!

The final image is after a minor readjustment, we put Jack on the left so that Gracie can sit more comfortably. We have all butts down and heads pointing forward, tricky since each dog reacts differently to each attention getting sound I make.  

When all is said and done the image that wins mom and dad's heart is the first one, since it displays the 3 dogs' personalities well, and it's just darn cute. I personally get a kick out of the second image, with the 2 girls sitting calmly as Jack takes charge!

Something for everyone here, plus a series of fun head shots of each pup.  A super way to showcase their personalities with simple, elegant portraits. Thank you to Kristin & Keith for bringing in your wonderful family members, lots of Lab love here!


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