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Cats of Southern France

January 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

BlogBlog After wrapping up DelaFoto business for 2015, I headed off for a relaxing 2 week trip to visit my family in Southern France. We were blessed with mild sunny days during most of our visit to the french countryside.

While vacations can be a chance to put my camera down and take a break from photography, not on this trip! Who could pass up the chance to capture the gorgeous scenery and potential portraits in a place so rich in natural beauty and character. 

While I did use my iphone for the day to day photo ops, I could not skip over my Canon for portraits of the beautiful french cats I encountered. There are always cats at my father's home and we often see cats lounging outside other country homes and in the rustic villages we visited.

These are extremely affectionate, resilient cats and were a joy to get to know (while we missed our dogs back home).  Shown here are 6 month old kitten "Jojo" and my sister's fluffy furbaby "Fauve". Finally, a portrait of my sister with a super grumpy, striking stray Persian we met while out exploring.  



Completely adorable!
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