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In the Studio: Roxy & Tank

January 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

BlogBlog While many of my sessions with a pair of dogs involve a matching pair, Roxy & Tank were quite the opposite! The combination of Roxy, the Black Lab and Tank (American Bulldog), were challenging on several levels.  

First, there's the technical aspect of lighting.  You do not want overexpose the white fur or underexpose the black. Second, their personalities were just as opposing.  Roxy is a quiet, shy, gentle soul. Newcomer to the family, Tank is a rambunctious boy who could hardly sit still. 

Their patient mom had gotten the photo session as a surprise gift for her husband. The main goal was to get a great portrait of these pups together.  Being large and strong, positioning them and gaging their very different reactions to my photo taking cues was a challenge. We did get this winning shot, among others that I think capture their personalities perfectly in the DelaFoto style. 


As always, another brilliant piece showcasing your 'pawsome' talents!
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