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In the Studio: Haven

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Studio pet photo sessions can be as natural and spontaneous as outdoors, without all the distractions. With a spacious room, I am fortunate that I can do both formal family portraits and playful photos with toys and exuberant romping. Of course, the playfulness does have something to do with the personality of our subjects.  

Meet "Haven", rescued by Bernard & Cheryl through Freedom Service Dogs.  While she didn't "make the cut" as a service dog, her mom and dad sure don't mind. She's a fun loving Boxer/Great Dane mix and an absolute beauty to photograph! 


While Haven is not one to do formal tricks, she is a disciplined girl who followed commands well and posed perfectly for the camera. Not at all shy, she snuck in some smooches for one of the family portraits. Such a precious moment! We thanked her for all the love and finished up the group poses. 

Then we cut loose and started to play!  She adores balls and gleefully caught them. It's the intense look as the ball heads toward a pup that I so enjoy capturing.  

After several great rounds of ball tossing, we moved onto tug games.  Bernard got a bit of a workout and we got some sweet pictures of Haven doing what she loves, playing with her family.  

The final image collection truly showed Haven's personality: smart, athletic, fun, loving and loyal. What a great girl and lucky family. 


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