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Rescues Model for Glamour Shots!

April 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



When I'm looking for dog models for upcoming "Special Session" themes, I often turn to my friends in the rescue world and the many animals in need of extra publicity.  The dogs at My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue are among my favorites to photograph. Their hounds and pitties are some of the most soulful creatures to visit my studio. Many have suffered abuse and neglect, yet despite their past hardships are the gentlest of dogs. 

My upcoming special "Glamour Shots" will be featuring flowers, and other stylish props, so I used fresh daisies and sunflowers in these images. The flowers, along with my signature red bowtie are eye catching and refreshing. The images celebrate the inspiring rehabilitation of these sweet souls, and hopefully expedite their adoptions into loving homes. To see more of these rescue images, visit DelaFoto's MFDM Gallery.


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