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In the Studio: Poodles

July 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

BlogBlog When I get the emotional call that a beloved animal has a terminal diagnosis, my heart sinks. Ashlee, a mom of two beautiful Standard Poodles, got the gut wrenching news and immediately called me to schedule a photo session. So we quickly set up a sitting for her family.

Thirteen year old boy, JJ had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Quiet and dignified, he was well enough to be fully present and enjoy the loving session along with his brother Aiden. Puppy Aiden, is a precocious, clever and inquisitive "red devil" who's playfulness made for a wiggly, silly sitting.

BlogBlog I'm showing some rare outtakes because they were among the most entertaining I've captured.  Aiden, being such a love, kept charging me and the camera while JJ sat patiently with his mom. Ashlee smiled the whole time and just rolled with it.  

She was committed to capturing her little family, their happiness and the immense joy they share with each other. That we did!  A series a canvas prints were ordered to commemorate that love.  

Sadly, only a week after this session JJ passed away.  Ashlee has braved the loss still smiling and so grateful for the time she had with her gentleman of a boy.

I'm so appreciative of the brief time I had 

BlogBlog with him and for the special nature of this portrait experience.  


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