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DelaFoto Portrait is Street Art!

August 30, 2017  •  2 Comments

BlogBlog I had the pleasure of meeting local artist, Patrick McGregor for a studio photo session with his wife and two Dobermans. At the end of our session we talked about pet paintings and I learned about his street mural work.  Soon after the final DelaFoto images were complete, Patrick selected one of his dog "Kita" for this grand mural.

Patrick is one of about 30 artists featured at Denver's viaduct walls public-art installation (at York Street & 46th Ave). It'll only be there until new construction along i70 begins in 2018. If you're in the neighborhood or just love street art, I hope you'll go check it out!

This is the original image that Patrick so skillfully replicated:





What a cool wall painting :o The photo is very cool, too.
Shawna Seldon McGregor(non-registered)
It's such a great photo! I love it, you did an amazing job. I'm glad he blew it up on a wall!
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