DelaFoto in Action

Last fall, I had the opportunity to get some high quality footage of a portrait session featuring lovely Sara and superstar Frenchie, “Sunshine”. I finally put the clips to music and created this brief video so that clients can see a portrait session in action. That’s not to say they all go like this one, but client’s and their furbabies are set up to succeed, the best way possible.

The studio is private, comfortable and quiet. I coach my clients so they know what to do and how to look their best. Sessions are usually 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the size of the family) . When it’s all done, clients usually tell me it was easier and more fun than they anticipated. Pets, like children require a lot of patience and the ability to adapt quickly to a wide range of personalities and moods. I enjoy the challenge and hope to give clients the best portrait experience I can. All with the goal of a memorable day and beautiful artwork to treasure for years to come.